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AJV athletes honored for high school seasons

Our athletes and coaches have been working hard during their high school seasons and have been recognized for their outstanding accomplishments. Below is a running list of accolades garnered by our current AJV players. If we've missed anyone, please email [email protected].


Cadi Boyer (16 Mizuno) received a shoutout from MaxPreps for topping the nation in blocks with 492. She notched 86 more blocks than the second place finisher.


Congrats to the AJV Athletes on the All-District Team for District 25-6A:

Holly Campbell (17 Mizuno) - Most Valuable Player
Gabbi Martinez (18 Mizuno) - Defensive MVP
Madi Baptiste (17 Mizuno) - First Team
Kaitlyn Krafka (17 Navy) - First Team
Sammy Bray (17 Mizuno) - First Team
Ryan Palmieri (17 Mizuno) - First Team
Skylar Besch (17 Molten) - First Team
Taylor Wissman (18 Molten) - Second Team
Katarina Mendez (18 Mizuno) - Second Team
Catherine Croft (16 Molten) - Second Team


These AJV players were named to the All-District for 14-6A: 

Kristina Fisher (18 Mizuno) - MVP, First Team
Ellie Crosley (18 Mizuno) - Hitter MVP, First Team
Sabrina Bianco (17 Mizuno) - Setter MVP, First Team
Morgan Giles (Sand) - First Team
Taylor Henderson (17 Navy) - First Team
Shannon Kasprak (17 Molten) - First Team


Sophia Berg (17 Molten) was named to the TAPPS All-District 4-3A First Team and the All-State First team. She was also named to the All-Tournament Team at the TAPPS State Tournament after helping her team to a second place finish. 


Shelby Tate (Sand) was named Second Team All-District 27-6A. Proud of you, Shelby!


The following athletes were named to the All-District Team for District 26-5A:

Ava Pritchard (17 Mizuno) - First Team 
Abby Cheek (17 Molten) - First Team
Darby Stowers (17 Navy) - Second Team


Aleigh Wessels (17 Navy) was named District 25-3A Defensive Player of the Year after leading the district in blocks.



State Semifinalists Savannah Stanley (17 Cedar Park), Gabi Sommerfield (17 Cedar Park), and Ella Shipper (16 Cedar Park) for being named to the District 19-4A First Team.


A total of FIFTEEN AJV players were named to the 19-5A All-District team!

Lindsey Ledyard (18 Mizuno) - MVP
Katy Northcut (17 Mizuno) - Outstanding Defensive Player
Emery Herman (15 Mizuno) - Newcomer of the Year
Luci Albertson (17 Mizuno) - First Team
Andrea Grimm (17 Molten) - First Team
Madison Heald (18 Mizuno) - First Team
Corinne Novak (18 Molten) - First Team
Kylee Becker (16 Mizuno) - First Team
élan McCall (17 Mizuno) - First Team
Dani Cole (17 Mizuno) - First Team
Annie Burke (18 Molten) - Second Team
Rachel Wisian (17 Molten) - Second Team
Grayson Schirpik (15 Mizuno) - Second Team
Raegan Sanders (Sand) - Honorable Mention
Cadi Boyer (16 Mizuno) - Honorable Mention


Eight athletes were named to the 13-6A All-District Team: 
Abby Keilen (16 Molten) - Newcomer of the Year, First Team

Morgan Goodloe (16 Molten) - Second Team
Kayla Granado (17 Mizuno) - Second Team
Lauren Honeycutt (17 Molten) - Second Team
Brooklyn Lochner (18 Molten) - Second Team
Courtney Swearingen (17 Toro) - Honorable Mention
Megan McCann (17 Cedar Park)
 - Honorable Mention
Alyssa Legette (17 Molten) - Honorable Mention 



St. Michael's won the 2016 TAPPS State Championship. Tori Pylypec, Jada Birkel, Lauren Milliner, Kelsey Kilgo, Adri Sotelo and Gracie Cuba were all members of the team. Tori, Jada and Gracie were also named to the All-Tournament Team.


Bella Mae Swafford (16 Mizuno) was named the Most Valuable Player for District 27-3A.


Two AJV atletes were named to the All-District team for District 25-5A:

Jordan Bernard (17 Navy) - Hitter MVP, First Team
Ronnie Ashley (15 Navy) - First Team 



Coach Shalanda Byers aka Shaq (17 Mizuno, Anderson HS) was named the AISD Volleyball Coach of the Year.