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AJV Partners with US Cryotherapy Austin

Austin Junior Volleyball is pleased to announce our Official Cryotherapy Partnership with US Cryotherapy Austin!  We have created an opportunity for AJV players and their families to use US Cryotherapy services at a discounted rate AND contribute to the AJV Scholarship Fund. Any player, family member of a player, or community member who mentions AJV will automatically get 10% OFF retail pricing.  US Cryotherapy will then match that 10% discount in the form of a donation to the AJV Scholarship Fund.  This is a great way to invest in the athlete's (or family's) physical health and give back to the club!

US Cryotherapy, co-founded by AJV 18 Mizuno Boys assistant coach Chase McKinzie, has been used by our athletes in the past year to great success--it was SO MUCH FUN for our players and a great team bonding experience!  Now, we have a working relationship to make their services more available for our coaching staff as well as provide substantial discounts to our players & families.  Not to mention, US Cryotherapy hosts the safest and most effective cryotherapy technology in the United States: Nitrogen-Free Whole Body Cryotherapy.  It is MUCH different than most have used and seen on social media, so we are very excited to witness the results firsthand! It's all-natural & chemical free!

Cryotherapy is a growing industry worldwide with treatments that enhance athletic performance, improve overall health, reduce the risk of injury, and accelerate recovery times from injury.  Cryotherapy is being used today with professional, collegiate, and high school programs across the country to keep their athletes physically primed throughout the pre-season and in-season times. Whole body cryotherapy has been clinically proven to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness as well as release powerful endorphins which can boost your mood and improve your sleep.  Along with whole body cryotherapy, US Cryotherapy offers compression, vibration massage, red light therapy, hydromassage, and localized cryotherapy to ensure treatments are catered individually every day.

We are thrilled to be working with such an awesome business who is passionately invested in elevating the performance of Austin Juniors and giving back into the scholarship fund to aid player development!  Make sure to check it out.